We create addictive memories.

As a new and innovative media agency our goal is to run against the current and create unique experiences. Addictive experiences that will be remembered. Whether it is music conception, social media & influencer marketing or events of any kind – we try to set the tone and announce something special, something that creates an addictive memory in the mind.

Let´s get addicted together.

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is Marvin Aloys. A young Tyrollean that has been working on creative projects around the world already. As a Music Producer and Deejay he was experiencing and living the topic dance music intensively, after inventing THE BLOG CONVENTION concept his engagement is in this new project. Besides a very exciting team, Marvin Aloys is working on new and different social media and music conceptions.

If you want to be part of ADDICTED MEDIA or THE BLOG CONVENTION do not hesitate to contact us.