The Blog Convention is a social media and workshop event about modern day blogging and the future of social media. A selected group of people get together for photoshoots, video stories, networking, workshops and addictive celebration memories.

This event is different than any social media event before, we concentrate exclusively invited social media stars, media companies, and investors that are looking for partners and bundle them for 48 hours in a certain platform.

The Blog Convention #1 was held in the Designhotel Madlein in Ischgl, a wonderful village in the Austrian Alps. We reached a lot more than two million people with live stories and snaps and created lots of addictive photos and memories.

Checkout the whole gallery and the after video in order to get a visual impression what this event is about.

The next Blog Conventions will be announced shortly.

Video & lots of photos of the first convention were done by: Daniel Helgert /